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E CHY DEVELOPMENT Co., Ltd / HAN CHY ENTERPRISE CO., LTD  is a leading professional manufacturer of various classy stainless steel exported and imported. We have gained widespread market recognition and reputation from overseas & domestic clients. We achieved rapid growth with its quality products and comprehensive service networks. We are dedicated to providing high quality, prompt delivery and competitive with reasonable price. Customer sincerely and satisfaction are our main goals. Welcome for inquiry and further cooperation business or contact us by email. We are always be your best choice.

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Cheng Ya industrial. Yang Jiang City, Guang Dong Province, CHINA

亦齊興業有限公司/翰錡企業有限公司,專業製造 高級不袗製品 ,產品行銷世界各地。品質獲得國內外客戶的一致肯定與認同。本著一貫的經營目標創造更新的產品以回饋客戶的愛護,在未來將盡我們最大的努力,提供最優良品質,交貨迅速及具競爭力的兩岸優惠價格,服務客戶是我們最誠摯的心願,並竭誠的歡迎您利用以下的聯絡方式與我們接觸,或E-mail告訴我們,我們將有專人為您服務。


台灣廠: 彰化市泰和路三段26巷5弄1號

TEL: 886-4-7220816           FAX: 886-4-7232941



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